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Only Straight Off Base has the real military guys your surfers crave. Featuring a knockout combination of a niche that is already known to convert well and add quality production and the hottest guys on the internet, Straight Off Base is the site you need to promote to earn the most from your straight-craving traffic.

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Good news for Woodycash affiliates!
We've made a few changes here at Woodycash, both to our affiliate program and to StraightOffBase.com:

1) We have upgraded Straight Off Base to HTTPS secure browsing. Customers totally dig secure browsing.

2) We locked up the galleries. Now when you send people to Straight Off Base your surfers can only access the first 20 photos of the most recent gallery (instead of all the galleries), and that's it, the rest they gotta pay for.

You can still send traffic to any gallery using the direct gallery links, so if you have links to galleries those are still good.

3) We removed the bonus theater, and reduced our base price by 20%. No one actually cared about the bonus theater, and we passed the savings on. Now that's a little less money you make on each sale, but we think we'll all get more sales total as a result, so far this definitely seems to be the case.

We've also added a lot to WoodyCash!

1) We officially moved MyStraightBuddy.com over to WoodyCash. Even though it no longer updates, MyStraightBuddy still converts really well, especially now that it's joined up with StraightOffBase! If you're not already, you should really consider promoting MSB. If you were already promoting MyStraightBuddy through SemperCash, make sure you change your links:


2) We added tube clips for you to use. SOB clips come in three lengths, LONG (about 10 minutes), MED (about 5 minutes) and SHORT (about 2 minutes). There's a short promo clip after each one added to the run-time, not included in it. MSB clips only come in LONG clips. Both SOB and MSB videos are available in two sizes, 'large' (1280x720px) and small (800x360px).

NOTE: To prevent random people from lifting content, you must enter your affiliate id (%%partner_id%%) on the tubes page for the download links to work. Or you can click this link to automatically sign in. Your affiliate id will be saved in a cookie and you won't have to enter it again.

3) We added new banners, including new sizes of 150x150 and 125x125 for both sites!

If there's anything we can do to help you promote—banners, content, landing pages, what have you, let me know and we'll create it for you.

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